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I recently got a digital camera. I'm learning how to use it, so I'm taking a bunch of photos. Instead of all the photos sitting on my harddrive, I thought I'd post one occasionally. I'm going to try to put one up every week, but... we'll see.

Week of 30 May, 2004

It's been a while since I've put up a photo. This week's are from Fanning Springs. The first is just a photo of the area that we were testing the last two weeks. The little pile of dirt on the right is from a shovel test; the trees are along the bank of the Suwannee River. Also a photo of the Suwannee River from the bank of the test area.

Week of 18 April, 2004

This photo is taken at Morningside Nature Center which is about 5 miles from my apartment. It's looking down one of the trails and up at the long leaf pines. The perspective is a little odd because I'm looking slightly up. A second photo, because I think it's cool, is of a pinecone from a long leaf pine; the one in the photo is about 5 inches (15cm) long.

Week of 4 April, 2004

A closeup of the Lantana in the backyard.

Week of 28 March, 2004

This week has multiple photos from my work trip up to Ichetucknee-- such a hardship. This photo of Mill Pond Run looking toward the Ichetucknee River is my favorite. I have another photo of the same run from another perspective. This photo is also at Mill Pond, but it is looking back at the spring. These are two photos of the Ichetucknee River, one looking north and one south. They're taken from the bank a couple hundred meters south of Fig Springs. They aren't very good because there were a lot of branches and the camera focused on the foliage. A photo of one of the springs at Fig Springs. I know, it looks like water and foliage, you can't see the spring bubbling in the photo; the plants in back are on Fig Island.

Week of 21 March, 2004

This was actually taken last week. At the center of the photo you can see the water at the bottom of the sinkhole.

Week of 14 March, 2004

Photo of the backyard.

Week of 7 March, 2004

This week gets two photos.

My computer is my only dvd player. The reason for this is that the idiots who put in the cable put the cable outlet in the worst possible place in my apartment, 1) the electrical outlet there is not grounded so only two things can be plugged in (tv and vcr) unless I want to use a three prong converter and a power strip, which you're not actually supposed to do, 2) it's also directly across from a south window (meaning major glare if the blinds are open). I also stationary bike while watching an episode of something and the bike is in the office. So dvds are most useful near my computer. This means the top of the desk hutch. I was running out of room, so I decided to build a shelf.

Here's the shelf. It has problems, but it works.

And a photo of the shelf in action. My desk is actually rather uncluttered here.

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