This is a slash list for stories and the discussion of the tv show NCIS. Any topic related to NCIS: episodes, characters, the Navy, Marine Corps, the real NCIS, etc, and the discussion of NCIS fanfiction is allowed. Off topic posts and onlist author feedback is not allowed. You must be an adult to join the group.

All slash pairings (m/m and f/f) are welcome.

List rules

Please read, you are responsible for them.

1. Discussion of the show is encouraged. Discussion of episodes should have the episode title in the subject line and use spoiler space for one week after an episode first airs. Please use spoiler warnings in the subject line and spoiler space for discussion of unaired episodes and speculation based on rumors. Discussion of non-current episodes do not need spoiler warnings. Current status of episodes is based upon US air dates.

2. Do not post off topic messages. Putting OT in the subject line does not make it permissible to post. If you have questions about whether a message is allowable, please contact the list admins. Posting notices for other NCIS lists, websites, archives, or articles are always allowed.

3. Although the list allows for discussion of any NCIS slash story, feedback for the author should be sent to the author and not to the list. What's the difference? Discussion is written with other readers in mind, author feedback is for the writer. Discussion of stories should be polite and not an attack on the author. Questions? Ask the admins. Accidental author feedback will be deleted from the message archive, habitual posting of feedback will get you moderated.

4. No flames. You may disagree with another person but personal flames are not allowed.

5. No bashing of characters, actors, or pairings.

6. No selling of anything.

7. No metadiscussion. The list does not allow discussion about whether it is acceptable to discuss something or how it should be discussed.

8. Please trim your posts and use appropriate subject lines. If the topic of a thread changes, please change the subject line.

9. Only list admins may make list policy.

10. When posting stories please include FIC: in the subject line along with the title, pairing, and story part. If you're posting a WIP please label it clearly as a WIP and provide the appropriate information (see previous sentence) on each story part.

11. All stories should include: Title, Author, and pairing. Ratings are not required. Summaries are nice, so that we can decide whether we want to read it, but not required.

12. Slash stories of any pairing are allowed. There are no restrictions concerning content of stories. Stories with non-canon deaths of major characters or graphic rape should have warnings. Not warning for these types of stories causes kerfuffles, we try to avoid kerfuffles.

13. Stories with threesomes or moresomes are allowed. Stories with secondary het pairings are allowed as long as the main pairing of the story is slash.

14. We appreciate spellchecking.

15. No Real Person Slash (RPS) or slash with characters under the age of consent.

16. We do not have an archive associated with the list. We do encourage archiving your stories at one of the existing archives (see links).

17. Ignoring list rules will get you moderated

Ane, NCISslash list admin

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